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Josephine During
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With the technology that is available today it is a shame that we do not make more efficient use thereof. This applies to all fields of our endeavours and is especially so in the real estate field. We are inclined to hang onto such mantras as "Location, Location, Location" and "Show houses sell houses" etc, which suited the pre-internet era very well. A careful look into the current market trends will show us otherwise.

Yes, we agree, factors such as location and show houses do still play a part, but amongst especially the younger, educated and informed buyers and sellers of property, aspects such as affordability, accommodation, maintenance, lifestyle, security, convenience and future planning all play a role.

With the gradual demise of conservatism and insecurity, the buyers of today are far more enlightened and realistic in investment in property, which today offers a good alternative to the equity and insurance markets.

Research undertaken by buyers in the identifying of a property is largely undertaken by the sophisticated buyer, and seller, through such mediums as especially the internet - riding around the suburbs today with an agent is mostly something of the past.

The viewing of Show Houses on Sundays is fast becoming obsolete; not only from a security point of view, but from the time spend cruising endlessly around looking at "pie in the sky" - Property for Sale - dreams.

Show-houses in many instances today are used mainly by agents to find potential buyers, at the expense of the seller, who has to find something to do on show house day, worrying about the security of his home and possessions. According to Ed Hatch, well known in the CRS circles, a good successful agent does not need to do show-houses to sell or to find buyers.

What we are attempting to establish here is a one-stop service for both buyers and sellers. On our web-site we offer such facilities as the listing of properties on an efficient, active page, with access to information on the property - data, photo's, videos, etc. It is an on-going process and useful input and interaction is appreciated.

We aim to provide a first class, cost effective and professional property transaction service and to run a profitable business at the same time. In order to do this one needs to ensure that the team involved in the process are professional and like-minded.

We specialise in residential property, focussing mainly in the Durbanville and surrounding adjacent areas, and "leisure" property in the rural areas, and through our internet presence, will provide contact and information seven days per week assisting with any property related matter.

Our policy is to be flexible and open to negotiation, and to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and ethically. We will endeavour to offer both Sellers and Buyers a one-stop service, arranging valuations, internet listings, advertising, screening of potential purchasers, a buyer listing service, which notifies all potential purchasers immediately when a new listing comes onto the market etc., and provide the seller with regular feedback as to how the sale is progressing. Once an offer is accepted, we collect all the necessary documents for delivery to the conveyance's, which ensures that transfer delays are kept to a minimum. We can also assist with arranging finance through all major banks at highly competitive rates.

We will assist and negotiate every aspect of every transaction until such time as all parties are satisfied with the result. No effort will be spared to ensure our client's peace of mind.

The moving of a family is a traumatic experience for many people, and will do our best to reduce the common problems associated with property transactions, while at the same time making every effort to deal fairly, honestly and ethically with all parties concerned.

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